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Acid Reflux

GERD Diet Menu│

GERD Diet Menu

GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease) is an upper gastrointestinal disease that occurs due to stomach acid with a high degree of acidity rising into the esophagus. GERD is a condition of reflux from the contents of the stomach to the esophagus that causes symptoms that interfere with complications....

Acid Reflux

What is GERD and Its Symptoms│

GERD and Its Symptoms

GERD Definition GERD is a digestive disease affecting the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). This is a muscle ring at the point where the esophagus meets the stomach. The LES is a high-pressure band that keeps gastric acid in the stomach. Normally, LES works like a gate. When the muscle relaxes, the...

Acid Reflux

Heartburn symptoms and causes│

Heartburn symptoms and causes

Heartburn: Cause, Symptoms and Treatment Heartburn Definition: Heartburn is a state of uncomfortable burning in the esophagus, sometimes also around the sternum. There are many reasons for the onset of heartburn symptoms. There are also different methods to deal with this problem. Heartburn Causes The...


What Does Asbestos Do to a Person?│

What Does Asbestos Do to a Person?

Asbestos belongs to the so-called natural mineral fibers and consists of magnesium / iron silicates. Above all, asbestos fibers are so dangerous because they split into extremely fine longitudinal fibers within the human body. Due to this longitudinal splitting, they can remain in the tissue of the...


Can You Get Asbestosis from One Exposure?


Asbestos: What you need to know Asbestos is the kind of name referred to six minerals of natural origin that exist within the environment as groups of fibers that can be divided into thin and durable threads for use for commercial and industrial purposes. These fibers are fire, heat, and chemicals resistance...


The Danger of Asbestos Testing Exposed│

Asbestos Testing

Asbestos is a fibrous material that may be utilized in an assortment of means. It was also used in sound-proofing products such as sprays for walls and ceilings, as well as in vinyl flooring. Since asbestos has been used frequently in the past and has been installed in many ways, old houses, as well...


Why Is Asbestos Harmful to Health? │


While lots of people have heard of asbestos, not everybody knows exactly what it is and the way it affects people. What is asbestos? Asbestos is fibrous silicate minerals that have been used for their strength, insulating properties, and heat and acid resistance during construction. Until the 1980s,...